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Finally, you have completed the divorce litigation process, receiving a judgment or an order stating the roles and responsibilities of each partner. Whether you have finished a custody case, your final divorce, or if you are mid case and have a temporary order. Should the other party not follow the court’s direction or order, you may have a complaint for contempt. The Law Office of Renée Safier Harris will help you assess your complaint and if necessary, plan a legal strategy to bring your issue to the court for resolution.

The Law Office of Renée Safier Harris has years of experience in enforcement proceedings and contempt proceedings in South Florida.

An experienced modification and enforcement attorney

When your situation changes after your divorce or if your former spouse fails to abide by the divorce decree, you may want to consider modification or enforcement of your divorce decree.

At the Law Office of Renée Safier Harris in Boca Raton, Florida we represent clients in bringing and defending modification and enforcement proceedings. We understand that circumstances change and you may need help after a divorce is finalized. If you have a question about the modification and enforcement of a divorce order, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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