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The Law Office of Renée Safier Harris handles Collaborative Law in South Florida

Collaborative divorce is among the best sort-after divorce solution for couples who want to talk and negotiate every part of the divorce mutually instead of going to the court to decide for them. In this type of divorce, each spouse has the guidance, protection, and support of their lawyer throughout the process. You need to sign a Collaborative Divorce Agreement that prohibits the litigation of your case.

Whether it is alimony, Parenting plan, Equitable distribution issue, or any other aspect of the divorce case, we resolve any issue to the best interest of parties and their children.

The benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is also known as “The Peaceful Alternative to Divorce.” There are many good reasons for it. Since this type of divorce does not need litigation, it is less expensive and less time-consuming. The collaborative is a divorce with mutual consent, so there will be less anger, stress, and anxiety in the whole process.

When you hire us as your Collaborative divorce attorney, we provide you with an informal and easy environment to discuss your case. Our process is open and friendly. We help you decide the handling of post-settlement disputes and negotiate results that work best for both parties.

Hire us today, in South Florida for your Collaborative Divorce

At the Law Office of Renée Safier Harris, we are trained and have ability to understand the complex issues that may develop in your collaborative case and, therefore, assist parties to settle disputes in your case peacefully.

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