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An experienced marital and family law attorney can make the difference…

It is crucial for you to hire an experienced and trustworthy divorce attorney if you are leaving a marriage of any length with assets, children, and/or unsorted debts or if you are leaving a short-term marriage. The Law Office of Renée Safier Harris with our decades of experience, will work to provide you with the highest level of legal guidance throughout your divorce process. From custom drafting your documents and ensuring all of the details have been meticulously considered, our family law experience, and practice experience as well as our commitment to providing extremely high-level service, we will fight for your rights and keep you informed at every step.  Experienced legal advice and professionals on your side is a must-have to get you through this process with the best results possible as you begin your next chapter of life.

The Law Office of Renée Safier Harris is ready to provide you with a custom legal strategy, meticulously designed for your family’s unique situation.

The legal process for divorce can become extremely complicated involving many sub-issues. Discussing areas like spousal support or alimony, child custody, child support, distribution of property and division of debt can be extremely taxing on you and your family. The Law Office of Renée Safier Harris has the experience, that in most cases makes the divorce process less stressful for you, the client. We will guide you step-by-step in formulating a strategic plan that is designed to meet the unique qualities of your family.

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