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Ensure your Children’s Financial Future

In the state of Florida, child support is child’s right to receive ongoing financial support from his/her parents during their minority based on the parent’s respective income. Each parent is required by law to provide for the needs and necessities of their children including educational expenses, childcare, and healthcare. So, no matter if you are trying to establish your rights as a father of a child not born during a marriage (a paternity action) or going through a divorce, you are obliged to pay child support. In addition, if you have been ordered to pay child support but require a modification or if you have secured an order to be paid child support and are not being paid, Renee Safier Harris is a seasoned child support lawyer who can defend your rights throughout the process of child support.

How Child Support is determined?

Child Support is determined upon many factors but it begins with your income and the income of the other parent. When you work with The Law Offices of Renee Safier Harris, PLLC, we help you learn the most accurate information required to reach a fair outcome as provided by law. Although timesharing and child support are separate issues, a parent’s timesharing can effect the amount of child support that is paid. All aspects of your situation will be considered in efforts to ensure your children have the best possible financial future based upon your family’s circumstances.

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