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The Law office of Renee Safier Harris provides you with sound legal assistance regarding you and your children’s relationship during a divorce or separation. Renee is a respected child custody lawyer in South Florida and will help walk you through the whole process of Child Custody, Legal Custody, Physical Custody, Sole Custody, Joint Custody, Possession, and Time Sharing.

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Determining a Time-Sharing Plan

The child custody law of Florida highlights the importance of time-sharing. It means splitting time between parents, so it benefits the child. There are several factors that may be taken into consideration when making a time-sharing plan. For example

  • If the parent is able to meet the emotional, physical, and developmental needs of the child.

  • Which parent does the child prefer the most to live with often?

  • If any of the parents are drug-addicted, or involved in some abuse or have criminal charges.

  • Which parent is more responsible and take care of the child properly?

Fighting parents

The Law office of Renee Safier Harris understands the importance of time-sharing plans and how they are crucial for your child’s well-being. With her vast experience both in and out of the courtroom, she ensures that your children get the best emotional, financial, and nurturing relationship in which to live their lives.

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