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Marriage changes many things, including the financial aspects of your life in the event of death or divorce. The primary purpose of a prenuptial agreement, also known as a “prenup,” is to alter by agreement financial arrangements that the law would otherwise control if you did not have a prenuptial agreement. Under Florida’s law, the court can decide how debts and assets are divided after a spouse’s death during the marriage and/or after a divorce. A prenuptial agreement is the most amazing financial planning tool that can save divorce expenses and time in litigation in the future. If you have substantial premarital assets, a family business or other family assets that you wish to protect, then a prenuptial agreement can accomplish that goal. If ylou wish to determine in advance what would happen in the event of a divorce with respect to alimony, then a valid prenuptial agreement can save a costly alimony battle in court. If you are looking for a prenuptial agreement attorney, then the Law Office of Renée Safier Harris is here for you.

We can provide you legal assistance and help you draft a secure agreement that makes sure the preferred division of debt, assets, and estate if a spouse passes away or a divorce occurs.

Some areas covered in a prenuptial agreement

  • Large-scale debt protection
  • Protection of inheritances or estates transfer to generations
  • Family business protection
  • Intellectual property protection
  • An expected inheritance protection
  • A retirement plan protection
  • Clarification on who will get or who will not get alimony
  • Provisions for special needs children or the elderly requiring care.

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