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Renee Safier Harris is a Florida bar certified marital and family law attorney…

“Marital and family law is the practice of law dealing with legal problems arising from the family relationship of husband and wife and parent and child, including civil controversies arising from those relationships. In addition to actual pretrial and trial process, ‘marital and family law’ includes evaluating, handling, and resolving such controversies prior to and during the institution of suit and postjudgment proceedings. The practice of marital and family law in the state of Florida is generally unique in that decisional, statutory, and procedural laws are specific to this state.” – Definition of Marital & Family Law

The Law Office of Renee Safier Harris is 100% dedicated to the practice of marital and family law in South Florida.

Marital and Family law attorneys, such as Renee Safier Harris, handle a number of matters in addition to divorce-related issues. People with safety concerns for themselves or their children due to the actions of a former partner or other person can take action to secure their safety by having a lawyer secure a Temporary Restraining Order against the person. Family attorney’s can be instrumental in cases in which parents are trying to resolve paternity disputes or fathers are attempting to formalize a relationship with their child. Parents or the loved ones of a child with concerns for the welfare of the child in a custody or other matter may benefit from the services of an attorney with a working knowledge of the Department of Family and Children’s Services.

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