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Get Complete help during Enforcement Proceedings and Contempt Proceedings

Finally, you have completed the litigation process, receiving judgment or order stating the roles and responsibilities of each partner. After you finished your custody case or divorce, you are in the mid of the case and have a temporary order. If a party does not follow the court’s direction or order, you can file a complaint about contempt. When you bring the issue in front of the court, the judge order will pass the order, and sometimes he put the other party behind bars. At RSH, we help you with the contempt proceedings. We advise and guide you throughout the process.

With our years of experience in enforcement in the family court proceeding in Florida, we ensure that the other party does not pay lump- sum due under that order. If the party does not accept the court’s order, the party can apply or appeal to vary the order.

Hire us for your contempt proceedings or enforcement proceedings in Florida

Talk to us about your matter and what to do in case your (ex)partner fails to pay child support for your child. We will look into the matter and suggest the best solution that suits you and your interest.

We will also guide you through the contempt proceedings or enforcement proceedings and what all documents you require to enforce an order in the state of Florida. You need to understand what you want through the enforcement of the order; thus, we will help you through the same.

Contempt proceedings or enforcement proceedings